Sunday, December 10, 2006

GOW2...tightening up the graphics on level 3!

8 days to our beta disk and things are shaping up rather nice. We are still scrambling to get things together and "tightened up" which is causing us to put in some more late nights but the good thing is we have our company Christmas party tonight so the team will get a little break from the grind to toss a few back and eat some good food.

Today Nate and I went through and tuned the last of the fights based on our last playtest noptes and then wnet through and did all the save point names and area announces. That stuff seems simple but man is it hard coming up with short names for locations of the game. I had a handful in mind already but there were a few that threw us. We were doing a lot of the old "shift-F7" in word trying to find clever words for things. But we got it done so I can cross that task off my list. New week I need to go through all hte in game messages and make sure they are all good to go. Not the most exciting part of the job, but it is none the less important.

We had a big breakthrough with our Pegasus stuff this last week as well. Eric and Thomas put some stuff in that really locked the melee combat. I mean it is like a billion times better than it has ever been so I am eternally grateful to them for thier perseverence on that stuff.

Well this is not much of an update but I got to go start getting ready for the party since cocktails start at 6:30 and I am not one to ever be late for cocktails. Though I don't imagine I will be telling anyone to go fuck themselves in the grotto tonight.

I will see what I can do about getting that video up but I can't promise anything as I am sure I will get caught up in so many things and forget to do the legowrk on the video when I sit down to do my next update I will do so empty handed.

Oh one other thing regarding the whole release date far as I know the game releases in North America first and then europe but from what I understand the time in between releases will be REALLY short. Not sure exactly how long but it I don't imagine it being months or anything.

allright...for real this time. I got to get ready because I really don't want to be late for the opening band they have playing tonight...based on my last posts and fascination with swedish rock bands of the 80's sony has gotten the all swedish rock cover band "Fjords!" They play songs from Europe, Ace of Base, Abba, and Hoven Droven! Maybe Dave will get up and bust out a keyboard solo?




Josiah said...

Woot first comment. well i hope you enjoy your party that has just started. (yes im in the same time zone as you) Thats nice that you guys get time just to kick it. are you feeling better? cant wait for the game sometime in march weeee!


(yes i do check your blog about every other hour.)

GodModeGOD said...

Pegasus?..billions of times better than before you say?..Excellent.

Nice title for you latest blog entry. That commerecial is so least it isn't as creepy as some of the others..

~I'll always be on board for a video update...until then I'll be watching "Dexter" on Showtime and playing Half-Life 2/Diablo 2 for the first time..I don't do much PC gaming..last one I did was "The Incredible Machine" lol

Vitali said...

Pegasus! I can't wait!

-You said Level 3... I hope it's not the final level, and if it is, I hope the levels are quite long.

-So it was really you in that video? were you the singer, then?

Have fun at that party! get drunk and show us some confidential GOWII stuff! :)

Vitali said...

Oh and about the in-game messages! don't forget to add an option that turns them off...

GodModeGOD said...

I'm with vitali for the most part.

The whole "tightning up the graphics on level 3" thing is a joke that is fairly exclusive to the U.S. (from a commericial about Game Design). Barlog has brought it up before Soul.

~MOAR GoWII..vid plz kthnx bye

Anonymous said...

oh hell time goes really fast almost beta good cause i'm sick of waiting and hey then the game comes out you play it for max 15 hours and then it's waiting again for god of war 3 oh hell i don't no what to say anymore just enjoy the party cory next time i will send you guys some weed from amsterdam ;) believe me that also good for a big ass party haha.

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Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice
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haha well thats it i'm going to searsh a life again haha but that my kinda party HELL YEAH

grettings mike

evolgenius said...

DUDE! So glad you went with NECA. They make really nice stuff. I found an early sculpt pic on NECA's myspace page, check it out people:

Can't wait until spring (game AND figure)!

Ruben C. said...

Wow, that Kratos figure looks pretty nice, thx for the pic evolgenius. I can't wait to get my hands on that badass. I can't believe beta is so close already, I feel like alpha was just the other day. It won't be long before I'm whooping some minotaur/cyclops/whatever-else-the-team-came-up-with ass. And that section with Pegasus isn't making the wait any easier.

Devin Greer said...

Yep, that commercial is pretty damn funny... Well, that's awesome that you get a little party to let of some of the weight of the past year or so of GOWII... This Saturday, I'm going to a Christmas party with my girlfriend... Her parents are a little if-y to deal with, I can't wait to meet her 20-or-so other relatives... Hopefully they're all cool...

I agree with the option about turning the in-game messages off. At least once you play the game through the first time. I'm not being demanding or anything, but there's a lot of stuff in the Jak & Daxter games that I wish I could find in God Of War, such as turning on/off the sub-titles with a certain button, during the cut-scenes. Also, pausing them is a nice thing, like press Select to pause them, that way if someone has to go pee really bad, they can pause the cut-scene, or say someone else in the house is yelling at them and they can't hear what is being said, wouldn't it be nice to pause it? Just a suggestion, I don't know how hard it is to put stuff like that in... Again, it's just a suggestion...

That's AWESOME! I've seen quite a few videos of fighting and flyiong with the Pegasus and it looked fucking great, and if it's gotten that much better, then I think X-Play might being giving GOWII a 6/5, if you know what I mean... Also, I have a question about rumors of the Icarus Wings. I think I read somewhere that those are going to be an official thing, but I found this video:

Are those the Icarus Wings? Or what? I mean, just looking for some input...

Well, this is getting to be a pretty long post, I hope you have time to read it... By the way, my cat, Kratos, is freaking awesome... Maybe I'll try to post a picture of him, seriously, he's like Kratos reincarnated... as a cat... Even thoguh I don't believe in reincarnation, I'm sure you get what I mean.


Anonymous said...

dear cory B, hope u enjoyed ur party and i love what im hearing on pegasus level.

Vitali said...


Yeah, pausing cinematics sounds good too. if someone's yelling at you to take out the trash "NOW!" you just have to go... LOL

Ofcourse it's the Icarus' wings! don't they RULE ASS? I just can't wait to play this game!

Vitali said...

And speaking of X-Play - LOL!

TK-7971 said...


Party on Cory! Let off some steam. Relax. Enjoy the party. X-mas comes once a year and if drinks are on someone else's dime then by all means, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hi cory

i'm back with a good question again so when is the full site of god of war 2 coming? cause the site says full site coming soon for months now???

best regards mike

Ruben C. said...


That video showed up on IGN a couple of weeks ago when the GOW2 E3 demos were sent out to all the big-name video game peeps (IGN, 1UP, etc.). A bunch of videos of the E3 demo being played started showing up on the internet. I checked out 1UP's 30 min. video of the demo and then checked out IGN's. The difference: IGN's demo had the Icarus Wings. I asked 1UP editor Matt Leone about this since he had blogged about the demo, this is what he wrote back (keep in mind this was way back when the demos were first sent out):

"After a bunch of time spent exploring the build, I couldn't see how they got the Icarus Wings unless there was some kind of cheat code, so I contacted Sony and got this response:

'Unfortunately, that feature is not available in the current rev and doesn't represent the final look and feel of the wings.'

No idea how IGN got that footage (though I noticed the screen didn't display the HUD as it normally would in the sections where they showed the wings, which makes me even more curious), but it seems the final wings will be quite different and I'm told we'll hear more on them in a few months."

Vitali said...

Nice question to ask Cory, Ruben.

*Question directed at Cory*

Will the Icarus' Wings be remodeled?

GodModeGOD said...

I agree with Vitali. Ruben's comment was quite interesting. I noticed that in the footage IGN showed of the Icarus Wings, there was NO HUD..I have my own theory about the name of the double jump (Icarus Lift) and the Wings but that is for TUGOWU to hear.

~As always..waiting for MOAR
--It appears there are a lot of GoW related questions in the comments box that actually interest me this time

Anonymous said...

Hi there Cory,
I heard rumors that if you've a GOW1 save on a memory card and after you beat GOW2 and save it on that same card you can use all the weapons from GOW1, is that true? even if it's not true it's still an option that you can put it in and it's not too late at all.

Anonymous said...

no thats not true sorry u dont get all the weapons but there is a bonus for people that have game save also another one on challenge of the gods and god mode.

but they rnt weapons

Vitali said...

simsward, got any sources for that claim?

Cory, where are you man? We have some questions to be answered...

Devin Greer said...

Interesting info... Also, there's a video at showing off the boss fight with the Barbarian leader from the first game... And after Kratos killed him, by stealing his weapon and beating the awesome shit out of him, he started holding it like a weapon of his own, like he did with the Blade of Artemis... Can we get any info on that, I think it would be sweet for a weapon...

-Devin, Kratos' biggest fan... =D

Ruben C. said...

Yeah, I remember reading somewhere (either the GameInformer cover story or somewhere on 1UP) that Kratos will be able to take enemy weapons. Like the "warhammer" from the Barbarian King. What I would like to know is whether Kratos gets to keep these weapons for the remainder of the game or if he just uses it for that specific section. Also, what other types of weapons might Kratos take, and from who? I know Cory probably won't be able to answer that question but there's no harm in trying.

These are some real intersting questions we are raising this time. Usually, it's just "When's the game coming out?" or "When are we gonna get the demo?" We should try and come up with stuff like this more often.

Anonymous said...

Oooo I got a new question...Is Kratos gonna marry a new smoking hot girl? lol. Ok, that's a bit too radical.

The sculpt looks fantastic of the action figure, lets hope the paint scheme lives up to expectations.

Devin Greer said...

I got another one, even if Cory won't/can't/doesn't answer it. I think this is a great question. Does Kratos still have his magic from the first game? Or in some part of the story, when he is "learning the pettiness and the backstabbing of the gods: does he lose them?


GodModeGOD said...

While we are making a mountain of questions for Barlog to answer... * "DO NOT WANT!" probally describes his situation right now*

~Will Athena be siding with Kratos?

FAKE QUESTION: Will Athena marry Kratos and celebrate by killing Zeus and eating the Muses? *lol*

Anonymous said...

All new magics and yes, he keeps the weapon (warhammer)!;)

Devin Greer said...

Yeah, I bet this is kind of annoying...

Devin Greer said...

Oh... My... Fucking... Gosh... I know you all probably don't care, but I just wanted to declare that I finally got my computer back... It's been months and I'm so happy to have it back now, my good.... good.... gaming computer.... *hugs monitor*

Josiah said...

hey cory hows it going. cant wait for the game. sounds ninjaish (is that even a word? [i dont think so]) btw devin your computer sounds sexy.


Devin Greer said...

Well... Maybe it is... Actually, I bought every single piece of it off of eBay, exculding such things as the monitor which I got my bioloogy teacher to gv e me and my wireless mouse and keyboard that my mom gave me for my birthday and my speakers which my dad gae me for free......... So basically everything that isn't close to my hands. It died right after I finished playing Rome: Total War... At first we though it was the power supply, then the mother board, and then the processor. It was the processor... Anyway, I don't think Cory cares about my story, I'm just humoring myself...

Anonymous said...

Hey there Cory,
I just bought a Home Theater System and I was playing GOW1, I set the volume to 5. Oh man!! the grunts, the groans, the music, the actions and the drums beating shook the hell out of my house and we hope there are even much more like those in GOW2 as well and we can't wait to play it.

Anonymous said...

in god of noise i like song 6-8-9.

Anonymous said...

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GodModeGOD said...

Feel free to check out this union dedicated to God of War any time Cory.

~The Ultimate God of War Union

Vitali said...

Hey, nice idea GMG. Never thought of that. check it out, Cory.

Anonymous said...

hey, i was wondering if i could make a suggestion? if it is possible, maybe kratos could be granted inhuman strength when in rage of the gods mode (if it's still there) pick up a cyclops and bash it to pieces kind of thing. also, in greek mythology there was a monster called scylla (from the odyssey story by homer; one of the obstacles odysseus has to face along with charybdis). it's a creature similar to the hydra, but better. i really wish i could be one of the testers, but i obviously dont live nearby. i do have a myspace, so maybe if you have time you could check it and send me a message. i hope i didnt add to any stress or anything, but yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Cory,
I've played GOW1 for the 100th time already and on the Bonus Features, I was checking out the deleted scenes that didn't make it through the game like the Icarus Wing part and the Elevator part when Kratos was chasing it. I remember Dave Jaffe said he would wish that those deleted scenes would make it in a sequel of GOW2. So, we want to know is there any chance to put'em in GOW2?

Anonymous said...

Is their going to be an Chimera in the game that would be cool to see one of those.


Anonymous said...

GodModeGOD has made this title his own for great justice...

~precautionary tactics FTW

--What day exactly is Beta beginning Cory? Wednesday?

Vitali said...

What's up with Beta, Cory? it's been two days since deadline.

Anonymous said...

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