Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day four on the floor

Okay so the day count thing is getting kind of old...I think today will be the last of the day counts.

Ooooh I’m gonna’ ramble a lot today. It's day four (last time I swear) of my newfound smoke-free lifestyle and I am inspired to just partake in a little stream of consciousness rant. It may not make much sense…but that is how I roll. Like a rock star.

I’m with you guys when it comes to the ideas of parents regulating the media their kids take in. I am so not a supporter of organizations (private or governmental) or people trying to impose their belief system on the general populace. I am happy for people who feel that video games are morally reprehensible and they will never play them…that is fine with me. But when they try to push their own belief system on everyone I think it is truly a sign of our de-evolution. Jack Thompson is another in a long series of poster boys (and girls) for the downfall of our free thought and expression. I mean you Have Tipper gore, Sen. Lieberman, Jack Thompson…and so on. These are just sad little people trying to gain favor of the majority by pushing the blame to the creators of media and entertainment.

Now…I am no media lover when it comes to the news. But I don’t blame the media for stupid people. I mean there are so many uninformed people that are products of the “If it bleeds it leads” news media…but in the end it is because they are too lazy too seek out other sources of research to truly understand something. It is not the fault of the news…they are trying to gain a market share and stay profitable. So they forgo real journalism and focus on the big money headline stories about Brad and Jennifer and all that other drivel. But again…they are not to blame for stupid people.

The same is true for movies/TV/games. Are the makers of the entertainment responsible for what your kids watch? I can’t see how. Just as the makers of fast food are not responsible for you kid eating cheeseburgers every day. It is the parents who should bear the burden of talking about these movies/TV/games with their kids. When you hide, censor or otherwise attempt to prevent your children from seeing something…they will seek it out…and they will do so without the guidance and open discussion they should have from their parents. If they do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality…then the makers of the fantasy are not to blame. That is something that must be instilled by the parents. That would be like blaming those who wrote the bible because little jimmy, who can’t swim, decided to try walking on water out in the family pool. Well never mind the idea that if little jimmy can’t swim, so he probably can’t read…so that analogy is pretty shaky…but you get the point.

That isn’t to say that there are not things that kids should not see….but that is what a ratings system is for. I am totally behind the idea of the ratings system, when it works. This allows parents to make an informed purchase and gives them an understanding of what exactly they are allowing their kids to play. But if the parents are not involved with their kids life…if they do not communicate with them about the movies/TV/games they play…then we have the righteous Jack Thompson’s of the world riding in on their political white horse ready to blame everyone but the parents for the actions of the child. That is just lame.

Should we blame the classic gangster movies for the rise of organized crime? I definitely thought about becoming a mobster with a therapist after I saw sopranos…it was so appealing. Actually I did not think of becoming a mobster. And I have never played a game and then thought…I am going to go out and do that. This is because I was given a good foundation as to what is right and what is wrong.

In the end…it is all just a scape-goat. Blame whatever you can to explain something that you do not understand or something so horrible you don’t want to understand. Rock on…lets all do that. I mean human beings have been doing it since the dawn of man anyway. Hell that is how most religions were founded. Well that and fear I guess. But that is another story entirely.

Most likely I am totally off base here...but that is how I roll. All your base...are belong to us.


Spencer Wasden said...


When I grow up…I hope to roll at least half the way you do. Please rant anytime you need to because this post hit every feeling I have about the subject. Great post Man!

Sorry I’m late, but I’ve been reading the last few days and haven’t had a chance to say welcome back on the wagon! Or is it off…???


David Jaffe said...

Yeah but the thing is Cory, it's a cycle. And to say, 'ah well, people should be smart enough to seek out smarter forms of entertainment' is akin to tossing your hands in the air and going: it ain't my problem.

But it IS your problem, and mine, and my kids, and the rest of the world's.

Because we have to live in a world with stupid, uneducated people who are slaves to whatever the media (i.e. the big 5-10 corporations) want us to think. And the more tv and shitty media they consume, the stupider they get.

And the government won't help because they have a vested interest in keeping the stupid people stupid and making new stupid people. Same goes with the corporations which- let's be honest- pretty much own the American government anyway since they spend so much cash contributing to the campaigns of the politicians (in order to get the politkers to vote the way the want them to)... if you are not LUCKY enough to have been born with parents who taught you to be self-aware OR lucky enough to have had a teacher or two who really opend your eyes, then you are doomed to be sucked into the cesspool of American media.

So fuck man, someone has to take up the cause. Hell, maybe our games should be doing that...we have access to young minds, don't we? Let's make games that wake them up, make them THINK a bit...I think that's why the Matrix is such a resonate film.

And fuck, look at us...making silly, action games :)


Cory Barlog said...

Touché my good man…touché. First…you’re a crack head and it is only a matter of time before someone finds out about your oxycotton addiction and calls you out like Rush Limbaugh at a pharmaceutical convention in Vegas!! (‘Cause they have hookers in Vegas…and he loves hookers. Limbaugh that is…not Dave.)

Just kidding. Dave has no such habit…but he would be a hell of a lot more interesting if he did.

Yeah, the news is an evil empire that corrupts the minds of otherwise smart people with the bias lies of a corporate political agenda. Though Fox news is fair and balanced and Bill O’riely is the champion of the common ‘folks’. Yeah.

I recognize that things are fucked up, but I just can’t help but be sobered by the idea that news has evolved into entertainment. The once great institution of unfettered information delivery has now become the local Savon of pseudo-news. It’s sad, yes. But that doesn’t make it any less true. And with the ratings the way that they are…it seems that is what people want. They want to escape. They don’t want their news too depressing because their day was depressing enough. They want escapism. You got a speeding ticket? Well check out our expose on cheesecake…delicious dessert or Killer? Got in a fight with your wife? No problem…just have a look at our incredible coverage of the latest freeway police chase and then indulge in our unflinching inquiry into the diet pill…Friend…or Foe? Gripping…and fortunately for all you calorie counters…not all that filling.

But I don’t think escapism is bad. To some it is what keeps them sane. Maybe not escapism with the news…but with games, movies, TV, books, comics, magazines, music, and even porn. Hell I want politically conscious porn!! NOW!!!

The fact is…we are purveyors of escapism. Games are the ultimate escapism…well ok maybe they are not the “ultimate” escapism…but they rank up there. I just can’t bring myself to think that that is a bad thing. Maybe that makes me bad, but fortunately I could care less.

I don’t know about you…but when I want to escape…I want to lose myself in something that has only a slight connection to reality. I want to escape from the lectures and the pretentious posturing of those who ‘know what is good for me.’ I want to indulge in the things that I cannot do in reality. Adventuring across medieval Europe, pimpin’ hoes and clockin’ a grip like my name was Dolomite, kill a god, save the princess, be solid snake and do whatever it is they do in that complex and gloriously verbose story of metal gear, and just run people off the road for the highest score. Because there is no way I am going to do any of those things in reality. To be honest I would not really want to either…well except running a few choice L.A. drivers off the road for some extra points.

I am with you that we should be making games that have a socially conscious message though…offering an alternative viewpoint to that of what is normally and sometimes ignorantly accepted. Hell I would even go as far as to speculate that some people might be interested in that. But the reality is…we like being in the matrix. It’s shitty to say, and that doesn’t mean I accept it. But denying it doesn’t make it any less true. Sure there are is a growing number of people who want to wake up…who want to eat the watery oatmeal and fight the good fight. But the overwhelming majority loves the taste of the steak…they want to escape and don’t give a damn if there are other more serious things going on in the world than Nick and Jessica. Ignorance never felt so good. And maybe it is not ignorance at all…but a short escape from the haunting reality of humans do to humans every day. (Ok…so the matrix parallels are taking it a bit too far…but I have a few to drink tonight and I am just going with it.)

Who’s to say they are wrong? I mean I hope we get a sensible person in the white house as soon as possible…but lord knows I don’t have the time to do anything more than vote for a sensible person when the time comes. There is no way I am taking up arms and starting a committee or raising the roof on that.

In the end…I just want to make games that suck people in, no matter what the game is about, you know? Games that suck people in like so many good games and films have sucked me in…made me forget about my bills, my work stresses, or my horrible failures in relationships…

Man when I type all that it just seems sad. Or maybe I just seem sad. To be honest, I just don’t know anymore.

Spencer Wasden said...

Good to see ya David! Hope everything is going well…

I agree, it is everyone’s problem, but it worries me because everyone thinks their right. (No one wants to be wrong) And therefore, what one might think is waking up young minds might be poisoning to someone else. This is what I struggle with: Who’s Right?

From reading your blog and other media sources I tend to agree with most of your thoughts and think it’s a healthy way of thinking. But, are we confident enough that we are helping not hurting the overall cause of leaving this place better than we found it?

You mentioned Matrix; my most recent one was V. Some loved it, others thought it was Evil. Who’s Right? But I think that’s where the challenge comes in and as Cory has said most people don’t care (sometimes me).

I love the phrase from Spider-Man where Peter is told with great power comes great responsibility. Game developers have power and I’m hoping that in the future it will be used to help as I know you do, open some minds and to think for oneself.

The key to all of this is creating a game where there is a message, not a forced message, but one that makes gamers think. That will be the fun/hard part. Good luck! ;)


P.S. Thanks for listening to me add my 2 cents in this Developer’s Deathmatch. :)

David Jaffe said...

I don't disagree with what you typed here. I was just responding to you when you were bitching at the common folk about how they needed to wake up...yeah man, I don't think entertainment is's fun! But it comes at a cost and as long as we know that and don't expect more from most people, fine. I agree, that's a sad way to live but...I I'M depressed....jerk


Mrs B said...

Way to go Cory!! We're all rooting for you to succeed in your quest to stop smoking. My 2 cents worth of advice: Try cutting your patch in half or thirds to see if that helps to allievate your nausea. Since you weren't a big chain smoker--maybe you're getting too much nicotene with a whole patch.

~Mrs B out!

Dutch DeGay said...

Theres a conversation, Jack Thompson to hookers to escapism. Now that's a way to roll yo'.

A few things. How nice is it to hear the voice of David Jaffe?! Damn man, I thought you were dead or something! You're blog is still getting lots of viewers and you haven't posted in months! Your voice is sorely missed. Get out of that bunker of working on your PSP title and let's here from you more ofte. Now if we can just get you to weigh in on this PS3 debacle.

Here's the deal, yes most people are just cows to be led to the media slaughter. That doesn't mean you have to "dumb down" or "positive message up" what you guys are doing. Make us the good games we love and love to play.

The responsibility is only PART of any given industry, the rest lie with the consumer. Is porn going to go away? No (at least I hope no) but Dave's not going to let his kids see it. I mean we have to police ourselves. It is not the reponsibility of you guys or the government to tell me what's good or bad. The joy of having free speech, you get the good and the bad.

My parents raised me that way, were involved in my life and watched the choices I made until I became an adult. You guys can't and don't need to be everyone's parents. You know?


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Like you stated maybe people are happy being in the "matrix." If so who are we to come along and say "you are thinking all wrong, you need to be shaken out of your complacency." It just reeks of a god complex, it's pure ego. To have any effect on someone is an amazing accomplishment. The best teachers I have had never tried to force fed me, they were who they were and I for some reason or another I found them tremendously interesting and came to them.

I do have to say I find it humorous that the matrix is held up as a film that resonates. For one I think the sequels show that those guys had no soul, there was no purity to the project; it was a money grab plan and simple. Two it was a well done action movie with a twist. I highly doubt people connected the dots to our current lifestyle. I think a much better example would be Fight Club but even that movies message gets convoluted in the starlight of Brad Pitt, the machismo action, and big twist. It's hard to take an anti-consumerism film seriously when it is Brad Pitt preaching the message. Still I think that movie spoke much more openly with middle American males than did a geeky sci-fi "kung-fu" flick.

Okay I am rambling now but in closing transcendense is in the eye of the beholder.

Heiko said...

What do you think the ESRB's new campaign, the one where they are working with the guys. Do you think it will be more effective at educating adults?

Anonymous said...


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