Monday, March 10, 2008

Can I get a Witness?

UPDATE: Here is the link to the first part of the story I was talking about.  There will be a few parts to the story that is getting posted throughout the week.

Oh my freaking god a new update!!! Where the hell have you been?

As Usual I have taken a considerable hiatus in the realm of blog posting. I have been working on several things as well as getting as much relaxation as my OCD will allow.

Just arrived in Australia last week where I will be staying for the month of March doing some work. Should be fun, though I still miss the creature comforts of my home. To be honest, I am not much of a travel fan, but I have found that it is growing on me a bit. Not that I want to packing up and traveling around for fun or anything, let’ not get crazy, but the travel for work is actually quite nice. I seem to get sick the first few days, probably for being couped up the germ factory of an airplane for 14 freaking hours. But once that is gone it is pretty smooth sailin!

Since my last post so much has happened…went to GDC, hung out with Storm troopers and American McGee…though not at the same time, got my BAFTA award, and played a ton of games.

The BAFTA award…it was pretty cool to just be nominated for that really. Honestly, I had hoped we would win something, but in the end it didn’t really matter. The finished game is good enough for me.  But then when we won it was like “Sweet…it doesn’t give me back all the months of lost sleep…but it feels good.” A couple of weeks ago I got the award and let me say that is one heavy bastard.  I think they made it out of Naqudria or something like that.  It's possible this award will allow you to travel through time...or open up an inter-dimensional portal or something like that.   It's funny because it's actually my first “real” award that I have personally been allowed to keep...well maybe thats not funny, since most of the previosu stuff was crap.  

Anwyay...It holds up my trade paperbcks of Walking Dead and Y the Last Man quite well. ☺

Speaking of amazing is that series?  I just started reading it.  I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake, but better late than never.  Eric told me about this series and I can't believe I haven't read it until now.  I am still working my way through the series, but so far it is amazing. Brain K. Vaughan is just hands down...a bad motherf#cker.  If you haven't read this, then stop what you are doing now and go get it.  It will change your life...and allow you to travel through time.  To the max. Seriously.

Went to GDC, saw many people I had not seen in sooo long…and missed many people that I wanted to see. Below is a picture from the Lucas Arts party where you could get drunk with some Storm Troopers and talk about not being able to find the droids you were looking for. You know how much that sucks.

Hopefully I will be able to catch up with them at the next gaming gathering. Also got to hang out and chat with American for a while, which was cool. Never met him before, but loved Alice. Really great guy, and the stuff he is working on seems pretty freaking sweet as well! Other than that just hitting the work to the max…

Oh...I have been playing New Super Mario on the DS a lot over the last week. Great game, but the save system is killing me...and pretty much all of world 8. I want the punch world 8, collectively, in the freaking face. I have never wanted to throw my DS more than when I play the Mario. Ahhh...the classics...'Try and Die' design always frustrates me…but hey…that is why I am so not freaking Old School.

Ok…it is 6:30pm here, but my body is telling me it is 12:30am yesterday…so I need to get some damned sleep now. Stay tuned…I thin there will be some specific information coming out very soon…like maybe tomorrow…or…something…like that…maybe?