Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fear does not exist in this Dojo DOES IT??


So no more E3 huh? I know it is a bit late but hey…things have been pretty busy here. I was a bit sad to hear of the demise of E3. I am not the biggest E3 fan when I am actually there…it is loud, slightly nauseating and often times smelly. But there are a ton of cool games to see and it is always great to catch up with old friends and drink a little bit too much. But I am still bummed that I didn’t know that this years E3 was the last one…if I had I would have tried to enjoy even more. Oh well…such is life. I am sure there will some other event that will allow us all to get together and share the horror stories of development and drown our sorrows in booze. :)

Anyway…enough of that crazyness. We just finished up another milestone and playtest. It went really well I think, though I am still a bit despondent that we keep getting focus testers who want to work in the games biz. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who want to get in the industry it’s just they do not really represent our audience completely. We do internal playtests with the people that work here, which provides great feedback…but from a designer/industry angle. The main thing I am hoping to get out of the playtests externally is how the average gamer, one who loves to play games but is not necessarily looking to design them, responds to the game. But there was still a good collection of feedback that helps us fine tune various aspects of the game.

We are in the full ‘crunch’ for our alpha push. There is a ton of work to do, but I am confident that we will be able to get it all done before our alpha date. I am about halfway through on of the characters I am animating on right now. It is definitely a lot tougher than I expected…working all day and then trying to get a few hours of animation done at night. I am trying to make up some time on the weekends, but it is definitely exhausting. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep the pace up, but I can seek solace in the fact that the animating part will be over in a month or so. I used to miss animating but under these conditions I don’t think I will be missing it for long. It is hard to change tracks so quickly with my brain but it is definitely a lot more relaxing than the rest of my day. I like being able to sit down and put my headphones on, crank some massive attack and just shut out everything else and work. When I write it is hard to listen to music, and since writing was the only real reason to work on the computer for this project I have been missing that ability to shut everything out. It kind of recharges me a little. So I guess in that respect it is pretty damn sweet. Man I am fucking rambling on like Joe Pesci in JFK. "Who did the President, who killed Kennedy. Fuck, man! It's a mystery, it's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The fuckin' shooters don't even know, don't you get it?! Fuck, man!!"

I love that movie, and many days I find myself getting worked up like Joe Pesci. That can't be good for my health.

Not much else going on. Well that isn’t entirely true. There is a ton going on but most of it is either boring or I can’t talk about it. I know that makes me sound self important…so take heart that most things fall in into the boring category. Though I can say that I think I am becoming a bastard…well maybe not a complete bastard. Maybe a partial bastard, though regardless of whether or not it is partial or's still not a good thing. I am sure there are many members of the team that want to hit me over the head with a bag of hammers these days....which is probably not a good thing. It could just be the sleep depravation taking its toll…but I am sure there is a little truth to me getting more cranky. Perhaps I am ‘manstrating.’ That was dumb. It seemed funny in my head…but it just sort of fell flat when writing it. Perhaps I should delete it. Nah…that wouldn’t be keeping it real.

Thanks for all the well wishing comments from everybody…and don’t worry about all the mentioning of cuts. Cutting things is a natural part of the development cycle. Even with the little things I have to drop here and there the game is still going to be nearly everything I wanted. Sure there are a few little levels here and there that had to get trimmed out to place a larger focus on other things, but for the most part everything is in tact. I just hope everyone gets a psyched about it as I am when they play it. I have no idea if we will get the same response as we got with the first game but I do know that we are going even further with everything this time so here’s to hoping it all works out.

One of the combat designers…Derek Dangles…wrote a funny post comparing game designers to porn stars. It made me laugh…mostly the fact that he compares Jaffe to Tara Patrick. It’s simultaneously hilarious and frightening. I shutter to think what porn star I would be compared to. I hear what he is saying though. I think it stretches beyond just game design though. I think there are so many talented people involved with Film/TV/games/etc…that work like crazy but don’t get the recognition of the chosen few. I mean think about the sound guy for the porn shoots…I am sure he gets even less recognition that the unknown porn stars. I have no clue what my point is….at this point I think it is safe to say that am incoherently babbling. I think I need to take another Xanax (Is that how you spell this…hmm…no idea.) and go look at some concept art. Sweet.

Oh…and I am through with video games. I am going to move to Tibet and raise Al Paqua and write a book of poems about toast. Perhaps I will also seek out a Sensi (maybe the sensi from Krate Kid. He rocked) and train in the ancient art of Breakdance fighting. That would be so freaking sweet. I can just imagine kicking ass and looking slick at the same time…like busting out some flares and combo’ing it into the kick worm into some crazy moonwalk jabs…sweet. I would so take Chuck Norris down…him and his thighmaster!!!

Sweep the Leg Johnny!!! Ok well maybe that isn't the right scene for that quote...but its a funny line so whatever.


Zodiak said...

sup Cory!

It is a sin to see e3 go, but now I wonder about having a smaller convention to both the east and west coasts if possible and could break up the different genre of games. For example, action/adventure on the east coast 1 month and something else for the west coast another month. I think that would make gamers like me on the east coast a bit happier =)

I found out about Massive Attack on the mission impossible soundtrack, been listening to their tunes ever since.

JFK is a great movie that I found out by my history teacher in high school. back and to the left Cory...back and to the left.

pfft, Dave is easily compared to Ron Jeremy ;) now THERE'S something you don't want to invision.

even all the ppl in the world can't take Chuck down. Those roundhouse kicks are deadly.

And remember Cory, you're the best...around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down.

Elessar said...

Im on the east coast so E3 is out of the question...and with the recent um "changes", im not sure if i would still want to go. Pfft, who am i kidding, i'd still love to go.

Anyway, its great to hear that the game is turning out how you want it to. If you only improve on what God of War did, then God of War 2 will be great. Hopefully you can still get us some copies of the demo, that would rock!

Now...about this playtest and getting a better perspective from people who play games, but dont want to make them. Now, i cant speak for everyone here who reads your blog, but im sure there are a few of us that could easily fill this role. I know i could, and would love to...but im assuming there is a catch or something like an NDA that would prevent you guys from doing this. Do your playtests have to be in-house only?

Keep up the great work, and its good to hear that the animating is somewhat recharging. Just dont burn yourself out :P

Ruben C. said...

It's good to hear that everything is going alright (well at least according to you but you're probably just trying to keep us from freaking out). Anyways, I was wondering if you guys are thinking of showing us some of that deleted stuff like in the first God of War. Those bonus features really added a lot to the game, they allowed us gamers to become more intimate with the people behind the scenes (and no I don't mean that in a homoerotic way). Plus the unlockable ones gave us a reason to want to replay the game (as well as the fact that it totally kicked ass). Well hope everything keeps going smoothly. Keep up the good work.

eric said...

manstrating? That's absurd. Are you bleeding from anywhere? Silly rabbit, puns are for pundits. Fuck. You know...

zodiak/Cory...well mainly Cory cause I don't know if zodiak works in the gaming biz...e3 on the east coast? PLEASE! The West Coast-centricness of the gaming industry in general is very difficult for me to cope with...Rockstar games THQ KAOS,cool ok, but Digital Life! I have to go to fucking Digital Life! Please work with the powers that be to get an East Coast e3-vibe-like-kinda thing/ convention would be terrific.

I'm glad to hear that cuts are being made to the game. If they weren't any cuts I'd be really worried. It's a creative project; there needs to be some debris...and hopefully that debris makes it onto a Behind-the-Scenes DVD so us fans can all sneeze, snough, chuckle, piss and moan and debate and get amped up about what we did or didn't get to play.

Anyhow, yeah Jaffe as Tera Patrick and Will Wright as Jenna Jaffe will do anal and Wright hasn't or won't? Is that it? I don't get it... :)

Zodiak said...

Hi Eric!

No I do not work for the gaming industry yet, I hope to soon enough.

As far an a "e3" centric venue is concerned, I was thinking of something in NY, prehaps the Jacobs Javits Center or maybe MSG (okay I'm going a bit overboard with those 2 venues) but you get the idea.

Now wouldn't it be fun to see Cory on the east coast? ;p

Joshua McGuire said...

I'm guessing the news about E3 is really only horrible if you're one of us unlucky gamers who never had a chance to attend. In my mind, no matter how stupid it sounds, being able to go to E3 meant that "you've made it". Wasn't E3 the first event of it's kind for games? I kind-of wonder where gaming would be today if E3 never existed.

Actually zodiak, I would imagine that Miyamoto would be Ron Jeremy. They don't get much bigger than him.

On a side-note, Jaffe has some big cans! And Cory, I think you're the sound guy...for now...

*Wishing he could be Kobe Tai*


Cory Barlog said...

Dude, you shouldnt talk about jaffe's cans...he has a complex about them. mean his porn star alter ego...opps.


Man I am not even sure I am the sound guy...I am the guy who asks the sound guy...
"Do you want fries with that?"

that whole bicaostal thing sounds cool, but I think the motivation for getting out of the whoel e3 game is to save the I don't think they will even bother to do a small e3 event...and if they do it will be mostly to highlight the smaller developers....which is cool...but lame for me since I wont have much reason to go.

the upside is we get to spend the time making the games better, instead of trying to make a kick ass e3 demo. That is always a MAJOR sidetrack on the development path.

eric said...

Hey z...MSG and Javits Center...nice thoughts, but too big for me...hell I'd be utterly delighted and exuberantly happy if developers like Double Fine would set up shop at the Holiday Inn at Newark Airport for a few days...that would kick ass.
I just want to see some good fresh ideas and cool games on the east coast...the whole GTA/Rockstar thing is terribly annoying in New York...
man I would really love it for Double Fine to come out here...

yeah, I imagine the lack of an e3 demo is tremendously relief of stress and on resources...I'm somewhat happy e3 was downsized...parties are generally always better than fairs...but will there be public demos anymore? Will there be a GOW2 demo public anytime soon? :)
Also, dude, you couldn't be the fry boy...they don't have a say in the productions and they certainly can't do killer animatation like your GOW work. The screens for GOW2 are fucking brilliant as is the footage of the barbarian king fight...keep at it. I can't wait for for the release.

Zodiak said...

And don't froget Eric, to see more developers come over here after Cali breaks off from North America and becomes an island! ;) (check out my blog ;p )

but there was an issue of OPM in which they had a world map and pretty much every developing house pinned on it..can't remember which issue it is but I know I have it stored somewhere.

eww Jaffe's Cans? lol

Joshua McGuire said...

Well with E3 leaving, at least we won't see as many "fake gameplay demos" that were fabricated to one-up the competition...I'm not talking about any certain company, just speaking in general..

What's up with David "Big Cans" Jaffe's blog?

*wanting to flip a house*

Cory Barlog said...

I think Dave took his blog down for a while so he could focus on other things. That or his recent conversion to the Hari Krishna faith is preventing him from using technology he just hangs out in airports banging on his tamborine talking about pure gameplay. :)

Elessar said...

"now he just hangs out in airports banging on his tamborine talking about pure gameplay."

That explains so much...its like my mind has been cleared of all confusion :P Glad you are still blogging, i think David needed to get out of the spotlight. Those freaking twits over at GameSpot kept linking to his blog, bringing [probably] unwanted attention.

KJS said...

Re: GOW2 demo public...

I played GOW2 today at wizard world chicago so I guess that is kind of Public... It was available to play the whole convention but was always so crowded I did not get a chance to play until today (sunday, last day of convention)

BTW. LOTS of fun already!

eric said...

Played the GOW2 demo!?!
[Insert Napolean Dynamite voice]

Dutch DeGay said...

I can't believe E3 is getting canned either! I know you and a lot of other folks didn't like it but it was the ONE place you could go and see all the new titles coming up. It was also the best place to see and hear about the goings on in the industry too. I don't know how we're gonna get that info now.

Oh yeah, and David Jaffe's name even being mentioned in the same breath as Tera Patrick? That's just wrong!


Anonymous said...

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